What we Did

We rebuilt Boost Capital’s search account from the ground up after identifying key leaks & structural flaws from their approach.

Boost Capital was struggling to generate performance from their PPC campaigns with a high cost per lead and cost per funded deal escalating as Google competition increased


Boost Capital tasked us with improving campaign performance by reducing the overall CPA and identifying better performing keywords to improve the number of funded deals.

We took an incredibly detailed approach by examining their historical lead data, noting successful keywords, location and time of day. This helped inform a sophisticated strategy of optimisation, beyond just platform CPA targets.

The campaigns were rebuilt around a core campaign structure that allowed a granular approach to all optimisation and built specific mobile strategies to leverage traffic in the fast growing device sector. This was combined with an aggressive multi-variable optimisation and extensive ad copy testing to improve performance.

50The CPL target was reduced by 50%
100Keyword spread driving conversions increased by 100%
35CPA targets 35% under the target
50The cost per funded deal has decreased by 50%