Brighton SEO Key Takeaways

Last week, Threepipe’s Remy Moolman (Senior Operations Executive) attended BrightonSEO, the bi-annual one-day search marketing conference held in Brighton, unsurprisingly.

Here are his top 3 key takeaways:

  • Thanks to the RankBrain algorithm, Google’s AI mimics human behaviour better than ever before. SEOs need to move their focus away from creating content which fulfils search engine criteria towards creating content which fulfils the human criteria. This means creating more conversational “human” content that tends to the human behind the search query rather than tending to the search query itself.


  • Google is moving toward using real-world signals when ranking websites by viewing them as “entities” rather than a collection of information, media and services. In a loose sense Google is developing identities for sites by looking at the interplay between the user and the “entity” as well as the interrelations between “entities” to decide rankings rather than focus on keyword matching.


  • Pages will never rank for just one keyword, in fact the average page ranking in position 1 also ranks for 1,000 other keywords. This is due to each search query having a search demand curve of its own based on the various ways users conduct their searches. Therefore, when doing keyword research, it’s important not to focus solely on keywords search volume but also on analysing top ranking pages to find the gaps in your keyword lists.

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