British Champions Series Turns to Earnie to Widen Appeal for QIPCO British Champions Day

19 October 2018 | Branding, Content, Design, Designing, Lifestyle, News

British Champions Series has appointed Earnie to review and refresh the positioning of QIPCO British Champions Day, the richest day of racing in the UK.‘The Ultimate Race Day’ positioning was unveiled across all communications channels to place it alongside other iconic events within the British sporting calendar and to widen its appeal beyond core racing fans. The new positioning addresses both the quality of horses, entertainment and prestige of Ascot, as well as referencing the day’s place in the racing calendar.

QIPCO British Champions Day attracts a number of the world’s best racehorses and is the culmination of the British Flat racing season in late October.

Earnie (now part of the Threepipe group) ran a number of internal workshops as well as reviewing the wider sporting landscape to define a clear brand voice and messaging framework.

The current illustration route used in 2017 is unchanged with the new marketing positioning.

Gregg Taylor, Head of Marketing, British Champions Series: “QIPCO British Champions Day is becoming one of sport’s iconic events and our work with Earnie will help us achieve real stand out in a crowded calendar.”

Alistair Gammell, Managing Director, Earnie: “It’s been a real pleasure to be involved in one of the biggest sporting events of the year and to see the new positioning now resonating across all the channels.”

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