Digital Shelf Optimisation (DSO)

19 November 2019 | Advertising, Content, Digital, Marketing

What is Digital Shelf Optimisation (DSO)?


Digital Engine Optimisation is our pioneering retail product where we reverse engineer retailers’ websites by identifying the algorithms and eCommerce levers that drives ranking on the particular websites digital shelf. We discovered that each retailers digital shelf algorithm is dynamic, live and requires constant optimisation to either gain or maintain top digital shelf ranking.

What we do?


Our job is to get your products or SKUs from the bottom to the top of the digital shelf, thus increasing the propensity of consumers purchasing your products.

We offer full stack Digital Engine Optimisation which includes:

Algorithm Identification

We reverse engineer and study each retailers website algorithm to identify levers to optimise for the digital shelf.

Gap Analysis

A full audit and identifying DSO gaps versus the wider market, competitors and algorithm benchmarks to fully understand the scope of work needed.

DSO Scraper

We have a bespoke automated monitoring tool that ‘scrapes’ ranking, pricing, promotion, content and review data for yours and competitor SKUs. What sets our scraper unique in the market is that we have the availability to programme our tool more than once a day – allowing you to identify ‘who went first’.


Using a combination of your sell out and inventory data, we will monitor and alert once a SKU is out of stock (OOS) and provide you with a forecast of sell in/sell out forecasting to aid with supply chain and business growth.

Pricing, Profitability & Pricing Strategies

Our scraper constantly monitors market pricing including yours and your competitors SKUs. This allows to determine ‘who went first’, margin from ASP and pricing strategies.

Sales Analytics

Using your sell out data, we will provide you with constant monitoring of sales and e-Commerce forecasting.

A&P Alignment

We provide full alignment on A&P activities by driving traffic to PDPs that are supported by marketing or promotional activities. This ensures that the PDPs gain maximum traffic to increase sell out. We can also aid in aligning the quarterly or annual A&P grid to provide a roadmap of activities that are aligned with your brand activities outside of the retailer’s website.

Category Optimimsation

We will identify other digital shelves that your SKUs can be listed on. This will expand your current listings giving you a higher propensity to increase sell out.

Constant Search Optimisations

We constantly use both Google and retail keywords and apply it to product titles, descriptions and bullet points. We also revise current brand copy so it is e-Commerce focussed. It ensures that each PDP is easily found by the algorithm allowing it to be ranked high.

PDP Content Optimisations

We conduct a content hap analysis comparing your current PDPs content with competitors, eCommerce best practice and retailer website algorithm’s benchmarks to identify content gaps to fill. This includes thumbnails, videos, award logos, claims, A+ pages, ingredients, feeding guides, etc. If necessary, we can aim to create PDP content. We ensure that content we create is focussed on e-Commerce.

Ratings & Review Programme

We have a very robust review programme utilising top influencers and bloggers that can also provide high quality backlinks to your PDPs. Both to ensure ratings to increase conversions and SEO rankings for your PDPs.

Collaborative Roadmap

We capture all of our market leading DSO process in a collaborative roadmap working with you and your retailers’ processes to keep optimisations moving. This also provides everyone full visibility and accountability on our end.

For more information or to find out how we can push your products to the top of the digital shelf, do get in contact.

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