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15 February 2017 | Blog, Content, Insight, News, PR

2016 was a successful year for new car sales in the UK – partly thanks to the boom in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs). The number of cars registered hit a 12-year high in January, with EVs such as the Nissan Leaf taking a record share of the UK market. EV registrations increased by a fifth to reach a record 4.2% share of new vehicle registrations.

Against this backdrop, Threepipe was tasked with creating a media impactful story that grabbed the attention of consumer and trade press – for NewMotion – Europe’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions

Working with NewMotion’s internal Business Intelligence team, we were able to harness existing data from within New Motion’s business and uncover a story that was engaging for media in the run up to Christmas.

Using New Motion’s hidden, first-party data meant that we eliminated any third party costs often associated with accessing the research insights needed for a compelling story. It also gave us completely original insight on consumer preferences around electric vehicles.

The next step was to analyse the data and tease out angles for press. During the festive season, lots of brands try to create a festive news hook that will capture the media’s attention for the right reason – we wanted to ensure ours stood out in what is already an extremely crowded space – at an extremely busy period.

The Threepipe team developed a story that contrasted the amount of energy it takes to light all the UK’s Christmas trees during December with how far that equivalent energy could power an electric vehicle. The final calculations were pretty incredible – the power could take a Nissan Leaf 50 times around the world from the equator to be exact!

Armed with the full findings, the team went one step further than a press release, and also turned around a creative infographic to accompany the news. This was launched to media the week before Christmas.

Through a targeted media strategy that prioritised key journalists, Threepipe achieved 15 pieces of coverage, including seven infographic placements, for NewMotion.

The PR activity increased NewMotion’s site traffic by 28% and saw the price list downloaded twice as many times than during the comparable period before the campaign.

The blanket coverage across trade and consumer press not only generated tangible business results, but made for a very happy client just before Christmas – with no additional fees than the usual press office.

Check out the infographic below:

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