Earnie Designs New Classic Darts Product Range for Unicorn with Supporting 3D Animation and Creative Campaign Assets

16 August 2018 | Advertising, Digital, Display, Marketing, News, PR

Unicorn, the world’s leading darts brand and manufacturer, has brought in Earnie to provide creative support and design a new product range. The new dart range launched in July alongside a range of creative assets, will be used to promote the new products across retail and Unicorn’s own commercial and communication channels.

The new Classics Range was inspired by Unicorn’s heritage and their renowned product releases over the last 80 years, including the world’s first ever engineered dart, the Silver Comet. The range brings a modern twist to a classic style and celebrates 80 years of success in the industry for Unicorn.

Earnie has also created a range of impactful creative assets including 3D product animations which will be used to drive sales throughout the 2018/19 season. Utilising a variety of advanced 3D animation techniques to render true-to-life quality visualisations, the product videos (see example here) have provided a bold style to complement the new ranges, showing off the products’ finer details from all angles, while creating stand-out in a highly competitive market.

Ben Smale, Client Services Director, Earnie: “It’s an exciting time to work with Unicorn – they’ve long been innovators in the industry and it’s great to work with a company that shares our passion for creative excellence and has a desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We look forward to building on the success of our recent campaigns and product launches to continue to drive sales for Unicorn”.

Lee Parker, Production Director, Unicorn: “Working with Earnie has helped to take us to the next level – with fresh creative thinking and product design, as well as product animations that show off our new ranges. The response from our customers has been fantastic.”

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