What we Did

Threepipe developed a video and social media led strategy to reach and engage with a digitally switched on parental audience.

To educate parents to make the safest choice for their children, we created short, simple and shocking video footage captured at a crash test facility showing the crash results using a booster cushion versus a Britax highback booster seat.

Video content was shared on the Britax UK Facebook and Twitter channels directing consumers to the Britax website and supported with a paid strategy to target parents with children aged four to twelve years old. The video was also shared with national and consumer lifestyle media as well as key parenting bloggers.

A supporting Twitter Q&A with Britax safety experts allowed parents the chance to ask questions about the campaign.

Following the campaign, one of the UK’s largest retailers of car seats has contacted Britax to create a joint booster seat awareness campaign..

60Pieces of earned media including the sunday times and gmtv
438000video views
6% social media engagement rate
1.1million twitter reach during q&a