What we Did

We developed a compendium to celebrate Campari cocktails that encapsulated modern mixology trends.

To celebrate the ever-growing global classic cocktail phenomenon, Campari, the iconic Italian bitter, we created a special compilation of contemporary Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier adaptations.

Entitled ‘Contemporary Classics’, the compendium included 70 cocktails from 41 international mixologists and highlighted the quintessential classic cocktails that play hero to Campari’s bittersweet profile.

Our ambition was to show the creative flair of each of the mixologists, showcasing their contemporary spin on a classic Campari cocktail, while also ensuring the compendium was in keeping with Campari’s traditional Italian heritage.

We received images of each of the mixologists’ wonderful creations, which required edits to ensure the look of the compendium remained consistent throughout. This involved refining each image to fit in with the high end finish we were looking to achieve.

The styling was inspired by the vintage Art Deco artwork used in Campari campaigns from years gone by, helping to add a touch of heritage while still in keeping with modern day trends. With the size of the book similar to a cocktail menu, the compendium was not only able to accommodate recipe imagery, but ingredients too.

Our overall aim was to create a book to inspire global Campari fans, encouraging them to recreate Campari classics like the Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier for themselves and their friends. The ‘Classic Compendium’ needed to be aspirational and with this in mind, we ensured that specialist Italian print suppliers were used to guarantee the best paper stock and print finishes. The result: a first class finish!