What we did

Harvester tasked us with developing a fresh PR and social approach to help it differentiate itself in a competitive market and to connect it more emotionally with a broad family audience.

The brand wanted a more defined personality as it had been too heavily focussed on value messaging.

We had to generate awareness, drive consideration and build loyalty through campaigns to help support Harvester’s overall ‘feel good dining’ proposition.

We identified humour as being the perfect platform to carve out a differentiated and ownable positioning versus the competition.

We wanted to tap into the quirky and fun elements of the brand that its fans loved and elevate them to form parts of the repositioning campaign.

Humour allowed us to create a scalable platform that could be executed in numerous ways from simple social community management through to more integrated content led campaigns.

This personality was introduced slowly through Harvester’s social channels, using an authentic voice so that the channels sounded like a witty (sometimes sarcastic) friend who is up-to-date on all cultural trends.

We worked with one of Britain’s best upcoming family friendly comedians, Rhys James, to create the ‘RibTicklers’ campaign.

Rhys James was invited to host a one-day training workshop for select Harvester staff, to teach them some tricks to add humour to their day to day customer service.

The training session and a funny follow-up video of staff trying out their new comedy skills was filmed using hidden cameras.

The content was shared with national and consumer media, promoted through Harvester’s owned channels and shared with influencers.

33% Average Facebook engagement rate
55% Average Twitter engagement rate
13Pieces of coverage for RibTicklers campaign
9Million Impressions for RibTicklers campaign