For Human Race weDrove awareness,engagement and ticket sales for entrants to their London Winter Run using a combination of paid digital channels

What we Did

Our strategy was to create a full funnel digital plan encompassing display advertising, paid social and paid search to drive initial awareness, encourage engagement and drive the audience to purchase tickets.

We knew to expect higher CPA’s the further out we were from the event and that these would come down as awareness and engagement grew.

Another variable we had to take into account was paid media price inflation through the Xmas and the January retail sale period.

We front-loaded delivery in October and November with early bird messaging and gathered valuable data which helped us maximise efficiency throughout December and January as the event drew closer.

We used paid social combined with display to drive awareness with their high reach capabilities and then also as powerful direct response tools.

Paid search and display retargeting were effective in driving conversions but poorer in driving initial awareness and new runners into the funnel.

How these channels blended and their respective tactics across multiple devices and targeting capabilities was what ultimately helped us achieve the success we had.

700% Overall Campaign ROI
16500A record amount of runners
-15Under the forecasted eCPA for Winter Run entrants
30%% Entrants that had never entered a Human Race event before