Threepipe launches Google Analytics offer for organisations looking to make better data informed decisions

08 February 2017 | Insight, Lifestyle, News, PR, SEO

Threepipe has built out a stand-alone suite of Google Analytics (GA) consultancy products that will provide organisations with an independent view of their company data and their online performance.

A number of recent industry surveys have shown that a high proportion of organisations have no formal digital data analytics strategy in place at all and that few have an overall marketing attribution model to help them make better sense of where to spend their digital investment.

Jim Hawker, Co Founder, Threepipe: “We are seeing increased demand from people trying to make sense of their Google data to help them build out and improve their online strategies. Interestingly, we are also working with brands looking for more impartial consultancy outside of their day to day agency relationships.”

Threepipe’s initial suite of GA analytics products includes:

Google Analytics Audit & Implementation:

This audit focuses on discovering data integrity issues, along with opportunities for enhancement. We create recommendations for configuring and structuring Google Analytics to deliver best practice and establish meaningful and accurate reporting using reliable data.

 Tag Management Audit & Implementation:

Google Tag Manager needs to be easy to manage to be effective. This means that it is essential to create a practical framework for creation, managing and organising Tags, Triggers and Variables.

Tag Manager Migration:

Google Tag Manager is a powerful platform that allows for easy management of all code and marketing tags in one platform. Migration to Google Tag Manager can be complicated depending on how Google Analytics goals and marketing tags are configured. We help by moving all hard-coded tags and Google Analytics goals into Google Tag Manager.

Enhanced Ecommerce:

Enhanced Ecommerce (EE) for Google Analytics enables the measurement of advanced user interactions with products on ecommerce websites across the user’s shopping experience, including: product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions and refunds.

Jim Hawker continues: “Data is firmly at the heart of everything that we do here. That has been made possible by the skill sets that we have within the agency. With over ten GA qualified Threepipe staff members, we are well placed to help clients make sense of the data available to them to help drive incremental performance improvements.”

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