Threepipe has moved!

So, after 13 years of moving offices in and around Covent Garden, we are moving again but this time to East India docks. The ridiculous rents and rates of central London are forcing us and many other creative agencies to look elsewhere to settle and run our businesses. We have plumped for a new £250 million campus being built called ‘Republic’ which is designed to attract creative businesses and compete with the fast inflating rents and rates of central London and its Shoreditch neighbour. We will have fast access into the West End and have more flexibility to spend our hard earned money on things other than rent and rates by investing more money into staff training, developing our own IP and attracting talent and clients to Threepipe.

The end of our property lease came at a fortuitous time, as we have greatly expanded this year and added another 20 people or so in the last 12 months to bring us up to around 90 people (gulp!). We were literally ‘bursting at the seams’ in the last few months and it will be a relief to be in a building where we can work more efficiently and have enough meeting rooms, as well as toilets!

We have brought on some fantastic new clients in the last year including La Perla, VTech, Quiz Clothing and lots that we unfortunately aren’t allowed to announce just yet! We have also been able to grow alongside many of our existing clients that are investing in new channels and new international markets, which is great testament to the way we manage our client accounts and pleasing because of the investments we have made to bring in new channel expertise into the agency.

We just need to make sure we don’t trash our new home at the Christmas party! We look forward to welcoming you all sometime soon.

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