Threepipe launches Four Proprietary Software Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiency of Client Campaign Management and Reporting

Threepipe, the full service digital agency, has built and launched four proprietary software solutions aimed at delivering improved operational efficiencies and ROI for both paid and organic client campaigns.

Named after the Norse gods, this custom-built software suite has been developed within Threepipe over the last 12 months and is now being used daily across Threepipe campaigns.

Farhad Koodoruth, Co-Founder, Threepipe: “As an independent agency we are able to pick and choose the best solutions out there for our clients. But sometimes we find that what we want isn’t always out there and so we made the decision to invest time to build out our own products for launch in 2018. We have been testing these for a few months and they are now all operational within the business with clients benefiting from day one.”

The four products consist of:


This paid media reporting software integrates reporting from multiple platforms into one place.

It retrieves data from APIs, Website Crawls and flat files before automatically correcting errors and features a number of bespoke options, including currency conversion, which can be applied to suit client campaigns.

Heimdall is an improvement on traditional manual reporting because it allows reports to be based on more sources of data simultaneously, to a greater level of detail and be more accurate while consuming less time.

It provides greater flexibility than more ‘rigid’ off the shelf solutions, allowing reporting to be more closely aligned against client business needs, while at the same time providing more advanced multi-touch attribution of results across every channel.


This software provides a more accurate reporting of organic search result performance.

To date, organic search reporting has been based upon two key factors:

  1. Determining the position of the link for a keyword in Google search results
  2. How many searches there are on average for the keyword

From this, an estimate is typically created for how many times the content link was actually viewed by the user.

This is no longer a valid way of measuring SEO because Google manipulates the position a link is shown to different users, to deliver a more customised search experience.

This makes keyword ranking position a much more volatile measure and means that the estimate previously used is no longer fit for purpose. Hermes changes this paradigm by not using any estimates and pulling actual data for every keyword where impressions of links have been shown.

Working with real data means that Hermes isn’t misled by the volatilities introduced into search rankings and can guide time investment in SEO campaigns in a more sophisticated and transparent manner.


This is a media attribution software solution.

Valhalla provides clients with greater flexibility to interrogate data and create an attribution model that corresponds to business objectives and from where the greatest value is from.

It works by producing independent reports which bring together every tracked exposure of digital advertising and allows these to be analysed in a more fluid-like manner.

The flexibility it offers is the biggest advantage compared to other attribution tools. It allows for the reprocessing of historic data as well as the ability to build out and test new models, so that the impact of a different attribution model can be tested before deploying it and wasting money.

Once a suitable model is decided upon it can then be used for ongoing performance management.


This is an auditing and efficiency software tool for paid search and paid social.

As these channels expand in complexity, there is an increasing danger of having sub-optimal setups or errors from maintaining a larger system.

Artemis audits and suggests interventions into paid accounts by cross-referencing the entire account against itself and agency standards in structured tests. It then summarises the results of these into an easily digestible reporting format, the end result being a higher level of operational efficiency and a higher ROI from client spend.

This provides an alternative to current auditing tools on the market which are lacking in scope and higher levels of best practice, which result in counterproductive spend recommendations.

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